Galart is a NYC based company with 18 years of industry experience, commissioned regularly by leading interior designers and architectural firms to create unique furniture, rugs and home accents.
Our furniture is made with the finest materials of Shagreen (Stingray) in array or colors, natural and bleached Goat Parchment (also known as Vellum). Our exotic skins; Alligator, Caiman and Nile Crocodile, Ostrich, Python and Lizard are used in both our furniture pieces as well as our home accents.
We supply first quality Zebra Hides for rugs and upholstery, custom made patchwork Cow Hide rugs made of natural and printed skins, Mongolian Lamb (Tibet Lamb), Goat, Alpaca and Shearling. Large selection of fur pillows and throws made of Coyote, Fox, Beaver, Chinchilla and Rabbit furs.
We have recently added to our Home Accent Collection Parchment and Shagreen jewelry boxes and humidors which have captured the interest of many.
We deliver high quality products at competitive prices along with service excellence. It will be our privilege to win your business and add you to our client list.
Amongst our clients are: Ralph Lauren, Dolce & Gabana, Coach, Bloomingdales, Calvin Klein, Club Monaco, Lanvin, RM Classic Cars and many more